Incredible Coincidence: Missing Man Reunited With Family After 2 Years Thanks to Tiktok

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A man from India has been reunited with his family by an unexpected accident after missing for over two years.


The father of five lost his way home due to a sad combination of circumstances and ended up almost 2000 kilometres away.

Completely by chance, the man was recognized on a video broadcast on video app Tiktok. “We both burst into tears when we first saw each other.”

The man, who is reported as Venkateshwarlu in Indian media, got into a truck in April 2018 to go to another village for his work.

Venkateshwarlu, who has hearing and speech problems, got into the back of the truck and fell asleep along the way.

A few kilometres away, the driver only realized that a man unknown to him was in the truck. He immediately stopped the truck and left the man in the middle of the road.

Venkateshwarlu had no idea where he was and eventually found another truck driver willing to give him a ride home.

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