IKEA Focuses More On Online Shopping With A New App

IKEA Focuses More On Online Shopping With A New App

IKEA focuses more on online shopping with a new app. IKEA shifts the focus from department stores to online shopping.


The Swedish department store is coming soon with a new app that should make online shopping a lot easier.

With the new app, users can already design a living room by entering the different dimensions and placing various products in the virtual space.

They can then also be purchased within the same app, says the chief digital officer.

The app will be the first to appear in the Netherlands and France and will then be released in eight other countries that are important to the company.

The only way to buy IKEA products online now is through the IKEA website.

IKEA already released a virtual reality app in 2017, but products cannot be purchased there.

Since Jesper Brodin took over as CEO of parent company Ingka Group in 2017,

 the company has been doing its best to respond better to e-commerce.

The company is also considering how to use its department stores outside the city better if the revenue from online sales increases.

For example, more space could be used to prepare online orders.

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