IBM Warns Against Cyber Espionage Concerning Transport of Corona Vaccines

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Tech company IBM has raised the alarm about cyber-espionage targeting organizations crucial to the spread of corona vaccines. The American concern says it has encountered a “worldwide phishing campaign”.


Hackers would try to gather information. They presented themselves via emails as a top executive of the Chinese company Haier Biomedical. Phishing emails are also alleged to have attempted to obtain people’s log-in details and to spread malware.

Organizations involved in the process of transporting vaccines at shallow temperatures would be targeted.

It is unclear who is behind cyber espionage. An IBM expert noted that countries around the world would undoubtedly be keen to learn more about the best way to distribute a vaccine. Transporting vaccines can be a complex logistical operation.

For example, a product from Pfizer and BioNTech must be kept at a temperature of minus 70 degrees.

Haier’s fake emails are said to have been sent to ten organizations, including the EU service dealing with taxation and the customs union. T

he IBM analyst stated that the hackers have gone to extraordinary lengths to imitate the top manager of the Chinese company. They are said to have conducted extensive research into refrigeration units of that company.

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