How to Distinguish A Genuine Laguiole Knife From Counterfeit Products

How to Distinguish A Genuine Laguiole Knife From Counterfeit Products

Today, Laguiole has not only become a name for the knife lovers but has become a status symbol for many. With its increasing popularity and growing demand, the market is flooded with countless counterfeit products that make it hard to distinguish the right and genuine Laguiole knife.

There are three main queries every Laguiole knife owner asks before making the right investment, i.e., what factors let you know the genuine Laguiole knife and how you can buy it from across the globe and is Laguiole really a brand?

Don’t worry! We are here to help you with all the answers to your queries and provide you with the proven tips that will keep the counterfeit knives separate from the original ones.

Before anything, you must know that Laguiole is a small village in Aubrac, a region in Southern France. The origin of the Laguiole knife started by the local shepherds back in the 19th century continued until today. That’s the reason Laguiole is sometimes also called the knives capital of France.

However, even today, numerous people believe that Laguiole is a renowned trademark which assures you of legal knives. Interestingly, Laguiole has not been registered by any knives manufacturer across the globe. In short, Laguiole isn’t a protected name that can assure you of a 100% genuine product. That’s the reason Laguiole lovers find it tough to check authentic and counterfeit products while buying.

The growing demand and increasing competition have compelled numerous local & counterfeit manufacturers to use the name and sell fake products online. Still, some pointers make a genuine knife wholly different and easy to distinguish.

Below are three ways to check a genuine knife:


Remember, the original Laguiole knife would never have a cartel on it. If you find one on any product, it would be a counterfeit knife. Instead, the knife will have the serration cut that makes it different from the other imitated products.


Another common trait to find a real knife is its price. Every Laguiole lover must know that these knives are never mass-produced. These are finely crafted and made one by one, based on the individual demand, and are always manufactured in limited stock. Furthermore, its price is never low. These knives are a status symbol, and such items never come for free.

Handle Material:

Plastic material is never used to make Laguiole handles. Instead, you will always find pistachio wood, juniper wood, buffalo horn, or olive wood in the knife’s handle. These handle materials gives a smooth and traditional finish to the knife.

Above all, with every authentic knife, you will always get a certificate of authenticity that includes your knife’s full details. Further, manufacturer name, address, and phone number are ever mentioned in the certificate, making it easy to choose a knife from numerous fake products available in the market.

So, every Laguiole lover, it’s now easy to find a 100% real knife to suit your personality. And remember, stay away from knives that have unnecessary content engraved on it, which isn’t the practice of genuine and legal knife makers.

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