How to be Stylish and Modern Mother of the Bride?

How to be Stylish and Modern Mother of the Bride?

Weddings have gone from being traditional to highly stylish and a personalised celebration. Weddings have changed from barefoot beach weddings to mountaintops.

The old traditions of white rose centrepieces and vanilla cake have vanished away as the brides are now becoming more modern and trendy and are planning the event according to what they have always dreamt of.

They have become more creative and are now designing a theme based wedding ceremony.

As the ceremonies and receptions are becoming highly fashionable and modern, does the mother of the bride need to be more advanced?

Yes!! Why not!


Here are some guidelines for the mother of the bride that can help them in becoming elegant yet modish.


1) Find some unique jewellery
A classic way of adding glamour to your beautiful gown is by wearing classy jewellery. If you have any favourite necklaces or an antique set, then make that a focal point of your dress. Unique jewellery will add beauty and meaning to what you are wearing.

2) Add pattern or texture on you outfit
It is a trend for the mother of the bride to use pattern somewhere on her dress. For an informal event, wear a linen skirt with a beautifully patterned scarf. For a formal occasion, wearing a vintage scarf over your mother of bride gown will add depth and interest to your outfit.

3) Choose appropriate shoes
After completing the accessories for the outfit, the next thing you need to find is comfy shoes. Wear shoes that you feel stylish in, and looks good on your feet. Heels are always preferred over flats for style and sophistication.
Avoid wearing white or black Mother of the Bride shoes because they look too bulky. But wearing black shoes on a black dress is an exception.

4) Make-up
Some people do not wear make-up on their child’s wedding. This result in pictures where they look washed out. To look elegant, hire a professional if you are not comfortable in applying make-up yourself as they know the line between overdone and underdone.

5) Selecting an attractive purse
Another way to show who you are is through your handbag. Choose something that is trendy and suits your outfit. Instead of matching your purse with your shoes, try contrasting or blend them.

This means that instead of using the same coloured purse try choosing the purse with similar tone beads as your shoes or carry one that has a coordinating print. You can always carry a bright coloured clutch with a neutral shade outfit.

Follow these tips, and you will end up looking a modish yet elegant mother of the bride who will be setting a new trend for all other moms!

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