Hong Kong: All the Peaceful Demonstrators also Punishable

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Peaceful demonstrators who help radicals or watch how crimes are committed are just as punishable. The boss of one of the largest police unions in Hong Kong wrote this to his members in an open letter.


These are protesters who call themselves ‘wo lei fei’ in Cantonese, or peaceful, rational and non-violent.

“Rioters who are unswervingly involved in the violence must be held responsible for their serious crimes, but the group of self-proclaimed peaceful, rational and non-violent protesters cannot escape it,” quotes South China Morning Post newspaper.


The peaceful protesters, according to the union boss, use their bodies, umbrellas and other objects to shield the radical protests and thus encourage others to break the law.

“Their actions are just as inhumane and cold-blooded as those of violent protesters; they are clearly complicit.”

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