Heavy Attacks on Port City of Mariupol Continue

Heavy Attacks on Port City of Mariupol Continue

Heavy attacks on the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol continue. The city council states that the infrastructure is constantly being shelled, leaving the city without water and electricity.


In addition, it reports that the Russian offensive is preventing the supply of food supplies and the evacuation of people, among other things.

Mariupol was one of the first targets when the Russian invasion began a week ago and is currently surrounded. However, British intelligence confirms that the Ukrainian authorities have managed to retain control of Mariupol despite the heavy attacks.

According to Russia, Ukraine is losing control of more and more territory around the city. The Russian Defense Ministry reports that residents were allowed to flee eastwards on Wednesday into areas of pro-Russian separatists. Measures are being taken to protect the citizens of Mariupol, a spokesman said.

The city council likens Mariupol to Leningrad, today known as Saint Petersburg. This refers to the siege of the Soviet city by Nazi Germany, which left about 1.5 million people died during a years-long blockade.

The local authorities want to create a humanitarian corridor and repair the affected infrastructure. According to them, there is “genocide against the Ukrainian people”. “We are being destroyed as a nation.” The mayor has said that Russian missiles are hitting homes and that there are many casualties. Mariupol has 430,000 inhabitants and is located on the coast of the Sea of Azov.

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