Harvard Professor Guilty of Hiding Ties to China

Harvard Professor Guilty of Hiding Ties to China

In Boston, a federal court has found Charles Lieber, a professor at Harvard University, guilty of lying about his ties to China. American media report that. There is no decision yet on a penalty.


Lieber, 62, was arrested in January last year, and there are several charges against him. For example, he allegedly concealed his involvement in a Chinese program to recruit people with knowledge of foreign technology for China.

In addition, he kept secret the income he earned from it, about $50,000 a month. According to the prosecutor, Lieber also received 1.5 million dollars in grants for his projects at Harvard and more than 150,000 euros to support his living.

“There is no doubt that Lieber lied to federal investigators and the university to cover up his ties to the Chinese program,” the prosecutor said. “He also lied about the money he got for it. Nevertheless, the jury charged the evidence and reached a proper verdict.”

Lieber, who headed the Boston Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, was given paid administrative leave from the university after his arrest last year. A new hearing will soon be held to decide on his sentence, but there is no date for this yet.

The case is part of a broader initiative by the American authorities to curtail economic espionage by arch-enemy China.

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