Grubhub Raises Compensation for Couriers in US

Grubhub Raises Compensation for Couriers in US

The American meal delivery company Grubhub is increasing the mileage allowance for delivery drivers in the United States due to rising fuel prices. Just Eat Takeaway’s subsidiary will increase the fee as of March 9, an email sent to delivery staff reads.


Grubhub did not say exactly how much more the fee would be, but the increase should cover the average additional cost for gasoline.

Grubhub has also indicated that it monitors the current situation concerning fuel prices but would not yet say whether the cost increase will also be passed on in prices for consumers who order meals. According to the meal delivery company, the distance between the restaurant and the consumer is included in the calculation of the prices.

In the US, the taxi app Lyft already added a surcharge to rides this week to help delivery drivers with rising gasoline costs. Rival Uber has already taken a similar step in the country.

It is not clear whether there will also be higher fees for deliverers in the Netherlands., just like Grubhub part of Just Eat Takeaway, and the Dutch branches of Uber Eats and Deliveroo were not immediately available for comment.

However, most of the meals ordered here via Thuisbezorgd are delivered by the restaurants’ own deliverers. Delivery here is also often done by bicycle or electric scooter.

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