Greek Golden Dawn Leader Gets 13 Years in Prison

Greek Golden Dawn Leader Gets 13 Years in Prison

The leader of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.


The court in Athens had previously found party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and a handful of other former parliamentarians guilty of running a criminal organization.

The anti-Semitic Michaloliakos is an admirer of Adolf Hitler. Five other former MPs were also sentenced to 13 years in prison, Greek media reports.

In the trial, a total of 68 (former) politicians and other members of Gouden Dageraad are on trial for, among other things, murder attempts, illegal possession of weapons and violence. They had already been found guilty of membership in a criminal group.

Four other former parliamentarians were sentenced to five years in prison. The court convicted party member Yorgos Roupakias to life in prison for stabbing an anti-fascist rapper to death in 2013.

The lawsuit against the far-right movement started in 2015. The rapper’s murder triggered the criminal investigation into the paramilitary group. Gouden Dageraad members have used a lot of violence against migrants in particular.

Golden Dawn has not been represented in parliament since last year. Other parties have replaced it with extreme right-wing sympathies.

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