Governments Struggle to Contain the Spread of Omicron Variant

Governments Struggle to Contain the Spread of Omicron Variant

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus is being diagnosed in more and more countries. The latest reports of infections show how difficult it is for governments to contain the spread.


For example, Denmark announced on Wednesday that an infected person with about 1600 other people attended a concert by DJ Martin Jensen in northern Aalborg.

The virus variant was first identified in South Africa and by travellers around the world. For example, Israel reported that an infected person from Malawi took the bus in Tel Aviv. In Italy, the first person diagnosed with an Omicron infection appeared to have travelled through the country for days.

Meanwhile, major countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Brazil have also reported Omicron cases for the first time. In the latter country, it would be two Brazilian missionaries who came from South Africa. In addition, RIVM reported on Tuesday that the variant was found in the Netherlands a week earlier than was currently known. The news received a lot of attention worldwide.

Israel and Japan went the furthest and decided to ban almost all foreigners. In the United States, a tightening of the rules for travellers is expected to be announced on Thursday by the administration of President Joe Biden.

ACCORDING TO SOURCES FROM THE WASHINGTON POST, the US will require all international travellers to be tested a day before their flight. That rule also applies to people who have been fully vaccinated. Having travellers take a second corona test within three to five days after arrival is also considered.

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