Google Makes the Meeting App Available to Everyone

Google Makes the Meeting App Available to Everyone

Google wants to compete with the Zoom app, which is widely used for video conferencing. Therefore, everyone gets free access to the counterpart that Google has, called Meet.


According to Google, there are 100 million people who participate in Meet meetings every day, about 3 million users join daily, and 3 billion minutes of video calls take place every day.

Now that many millions of people around the world have to work from home, such services replace work meetings.

Besides, people now use such apps for drinking with friends, currently that all cafes and restaurants are closed, and parties at home are no longer possible.

Zoom says it currently has about 300 million daily users. So it would be three times the size of Google Meet.

Zoom is under attack because it would not be secured well enough. Facebook also launched a video chat service called Messenger Rooms last week.

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