Google Brings Restaurant Assistant Duplex In The US

Google Brings Restaurant Assistant Duplex In The US

Google Brings restaurant assistant Duplex in the US to more Smartphones. Google is going to make its Duplex assistant, who can make reservations automatically at restaurants, available in the United States on more smartphones, including iPhones.


Until now, the virtual assistant was only available on Google Pixel smartphones,

 but that will evolve in the coming weeks, Google announces on its blog.

Users in the United States can ask Google Assistant to make a reservation at a particular restaurant,

 after which the robot does its job.

If successful, users will receive a notification on their phone.

Google does not make it evident in the message on which Android and iOS versions the assistant will be available,

 Possibly only recent versions of the operating systems for smartphones.

It is unclear whether Duplex will soon be available in Dutch.

Google added support for the Dutch language to its voice assistant Google Assistant in 2018.

Google Duplex was initially uncertain because the virtual assistant did not tell its calling partner that it was a robot.

After criticism, Google adapted this, as a result of which Duplex is now identifying itself as a robot.

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