Give A Play House To Your Kids-Bunk Beds With Slides

Give A Play House To Your Kids-Bunk Beds With Slides

Minimalist parents do not need to keep it to the ordinary to be practical in space and money. For their kids’ bedrooms, they can venture out of the box with bunk beds with slides. These are beds of incredible strength and construction design that allows kids to sleep in comfort while at the same time enjoy playtime with the slide that is built in on it.

With such design, the kids would be like in some fantasy land. So why not add a little playhouse under it?

There are several available bunk beds with slides in the market these days. These show how very well designers and manufacturers of these beds understand the practicality of having beds and play area in one, as well as the right thing that these 2 in 1 setting can give kids.

Below are some of the best bunk beds with slides in distribution today:

Castle fantasy loft:
A castle fantasy loft is a perfect choice when looking for a bunk bed for your kids. Will provide them with sleeping quarters that they would love to stay and get tucked in, as well as an exciting play area from top to bottom.

The area under of the bunk bed can even be used as a workstation or a desk where the kids can play study. It will always give them a beautiful place to do whatever they need to do and an exciting place to call it a night.

Fire department fantast loft:
Boys surely love the boy stuff kind of thing so a fire department play house with a bunk bed on top will surely give them a glimpse of what a fire department would look and feel like. Instead of a pole where the firemen usually exit their offices to rejoin near the truck pool, a slide would be an attractive and safer alternative. It will be an exciting and educating masterpiece to kids.

Tent house fantasy loft:
Some very many kids want to enjoy “tent life” because it depicts the outdoor. Having a tent house with a bunk bed on the top will undoubtedly fulfil this little dream. The space directly under the bunk bed can be used for a desk or study table or even built-in storage where the kid can play and study anytime. Such space can also be used as a dressing area which kids may think are just appropriate when living in tents.

Schoolhouse fantasy loft:
One of the best ways to encourage kids to enjoy school is to use it as an exciting place to get comfy and playful. There are surely some kids beds that can be dressed in a schoolhouse. The upper part is the bunk bed, and the space directly under it is a playground. A corner study table may even be a nice idea on this one.

There are more designs and styles for bunk beds with slides to choose from. Just search, and there will be a lot for you and your kids.

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