Germany Ready for Mass Aid in Ukrainian Exodus

Germany Ready for Mass Aid in Ukrainian Exodus

The German government is ready to assist Poland and other countries bordering Ukraine if many Ukrainians flee there. Secretary of the Interior Nancy Faeser has made this promise.


She keeps a close eye on the movements and comes to the aid of neighbouring countries when a refugee flow starts.

Slovakia’s prime minister pledged to help Ukrainian refugees on Thursday, and Romania said it was preparing for the arrival of half a million people from neighbouring Ukraine on Tuesday. Poland, where many Ukrainians already reside, has also made preparations.

Minister Faeser did not comment on admitting Ukrainians to the Federal Republic. During the Syrian civil war, then-Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders to refugees from that country in 2015. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people from Syria and other countries came there.

In 2015, 890,000 people applied for asylum in Germany. It has led to heated debates in Germany about taking in large numbers of refugees.

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