Germany Offers Many More Free Medical Face Masks

Germany Offers Many More Free Medical Face Masks

The German government is going to provide more free medical face masks. Health Minister Jens Spahn said 34.1 million people are now eligible, seven million more than previously planned.


In the coming days, the government will send vouchers to people over 60 years old and the chronically ill, who can then pick up twelve masks of the FFP2 type from a pharmacy.

The government pays 2 euros per mask for this ‘mouth mask’, costing the taxpayer about 2.5 billion euros in total.

On Tuesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with the sixteen state prime ministers about further restrictions and measures. Bavaria has already tightened the rules for the masks’ quality that must be worn in public transport and other public spaces.

Other federal states may agree and make the FFP2 masks mandatory.

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