Germany Discloses All Arms Transfers to Ukraine

Germany Discloses All Arms Transfers to Ukraine

The German government released a list of all weapons delivered to the Ukrainian army on Tuesday. Until now, Berlin only selectively told which weapons were involved, but now the entire list can be found online.


The government’s website lists all weapons and military equipment that have been sent to Ukraine, as well as what is still planned. At first, only MPs could view this list. By making the deliveries public, the policy is more in line with the approach taken by close allies, such as the United States, according to a government spokesman. The Netherlands only makes known in exceptional cases what military aid it offers to Ukraine because the Russian army can use that information.

Germany has supplied, among other things, 100,000 hand grenades, 500 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and 16 million pistol bullets. The list also includes other types of anti-aircraft missiles, mines, anti-tank weapons and associated ammunition. The Germans also help with smaller items such as helmets, binoculars and hospital beds.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been criticized by Ukraine for sending too few heavy weapons and for delaying deliveries. Ukraine can expect at least three more multiple rocket launchers, an air defence system and anti-drone guns from Germany. The Netherlands and Germany will supply twelve more armoured howitzers in a joint project.

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