French Constitutional Council Approves New Corona Measures

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The French Constitutional Council approves the controversial law that makes mandatory corona vaccinations for healthcare workers and other French corona measures.


The law also regulates the use of the corona pass, with which, for example, restaurant guests can prove that they have been vaccinated or not infected with the virus.

The Constitutional Council is a judicial supervisor that checks, among other things, whether laws are following the constitution. According to the council, this is the case with the new measures, which will remain in force until at least November 15.

The law was approved by the French parliament on July 26 and was widely criticized. Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest in recent weeks. Critics believe the rules are excessive.

From August 9, it is mandatory to show your sanitary pass in catering establishments, some shopping centres and for long-distance journeys by train or plane. This pass allows people to prove that they have been vaccinated or tested negative.

Since the end of July, the pass has been used for museums, cinemas and event locations.

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