France Wants to Start Corona Vaccinations in January

France Wants to Start Corona Vaccinations in January

France wants to start a nationwide vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in January.


Paris is preparing and hopes that the vaccines will be approved and also available, a government spokesman told television channel France 2.

The government has budgeted 1.5 billion euros to buy vaccines by 2021.

However, the French government is concerned that millions of citizens will refuse corona vaccinations, even as one of the vaccines appears to be nearly 95 percent effective.

The American biotech company Moderna claimed 94.5 percent effectiveness on Monday in a clinical trial involving more than 30,000 participants. US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech reported last week that their vaccine was 90 percent effective.

An Ipsos poll in September found that only 59 percent of the French are willing to get vaccinated, compared to 74 percent worldwide. “I fear that not enough French will be vaccinated,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex last weekend.

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