Former Macron Employee Gets 3 Years In Prison

Former Macron Employee Gets 3 Years In Prison

Alexandre Benalla (30), former charge d’affaires of the Elysée, was sentenced on Friday to three years in prison for assaulting the demonstration on May 1, 2018, of which one year was effective with an electronic ankle bracelet.


He was also convicted of misappropriating the post of the police officer at the rally.

Former aide to French President Emmanuel Macron was also found guilty of fraudulently using his diplomatic passports after his resignation, falsifying a service passport document and illegally carrying arms in 2017.

“You had a certain power thanks to your functions that are closely linked to the French president,” the judge said as she read her verdict. “You have broken the trust that was given to you. Therefore, the court determined this sentence based on the gravity of the various facts, the tasks entrusted to you that required strictness and exemplary behaviour from you and your unacceptable behaviour towards society.”

The magistrate emphasized that the defendant’s sense of impunity and omnipotence was very strong. During the September trial, Alexandre Benalla had been ordered to have 18 months’ stay and 2 to 12 months’ stay for the other defendants, ex-en Marche employee! Vincent Crase and two agents. Crase was eventually given a two-year suspension, and the officers were given a three-month suspension and a fine of 5,000 euros.

In addition to his prison sentence, Benalla was also banned from performing a public function for the next five years and not allowed to carry a weapon for the next ten years, a sentence that was also imposed on Vincent Crase.

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