Ford Pulls Iconic Fiesta Out of Production

Ford Pulls Iconic Fiesta Out of Production

After 47 years, Ford will retire its iconic Fiesta next year. There will be no successor. Instead, Ford announced that the car group wants to offer only electric passenger cars in Europe by 2030.

Since its introduction in 1976, the Fiesta has become a true icon. The compact Ford, which was not too expensive and was praised for its driving characteristics, has sold millions worldwide. The Fiesta has been produced in several countries, including the UK, Spain, Belgium, Mexico and Germany.

“The Fiesta has been a hugely important car for Ford, and so have the many Fiesta drivers. Whether it was their first car they learned to drive, used it as a reliable family car or chose one of the best hot hatches of all time,” Ford said in a statement.

According to the group, the end of the Fiesta era marks “the beginning of an exciting and electric future”. Ford will introduce three new electric passenger cars and four new electric commercial vehicles in Europe by 2024.

The Fiesta will be made at the Cologne factory until June next year. After that, new electric so-called crossovers will roll off the band, says a spokesperson for Ford Netherlands.

He said the decision to stop with the Fiesta was not taken lightly. “But if you look at what the customer is asking for, it’s less traditional hatchbacks and more crossovers and SUVs. We are responding to that,” said the spokesperson. “The traditional segments have become considerably smaller in recent years. For Europe, we are fully committed to electrification,” he continues.

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