Florida Police Firefight with Runaway Children (12 and 14) Armed with AK-47

Florida Police Firefight with Runaway Children (12 and 14) Armed with AK-47

Police in the Florida town of Enterprise was engaged in a bizarre gun battle with two runaway children yesterday.


The pair were not only very young, 12 and 14 years old, but also armed with, among other things, an AK-47 machine gun.

After a confrontation of more than half an hour with a boy (12) and a girl (14), the girl was injured on the ground. The boy, armed with the AK-47, finally decided to surrender. “Officers nearly lost their lives because of a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old,” said Volusia County Police Chief and Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

The pair had run away from a children’s home. Hours later, the children broke into a house and came across the weapon collection of the resident, who was not at home. In addition to the AK-47, they also found a rifle, a handgun and a large amount of ammunition. Police were alerted after a local resident heard glass clinking in the house.

The owners of the house were called and said no one should be home. They also pointed out to the police the weapons that were in the house. Officers surrounded the house but were shot at by the two youths.

Officers had to take cover behind trees to avoid being hit. In 35 minutes, four exchanges of fire took place with the juvenile gunmen, who refused to surrender. The police threw a phone into the house to talk to the two, but to no avail. “The officers did everything they could to de-escalate the situation,” the sheriff said.

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