Fernandinho Gets Death Threats after the Own Goal

Fernandinho Gets Death Threats after the Own Goal

Fernandinho Gets Death Threats after the Own Goal. The Brazilian Fernandinho and his family are the victims of racist statements on social media, reports Down Town News.


The midfielder made an own goal last Friday in the quarter-finals match against Belgium (2-1) and is accused by the Brazilian ‘fans’ of the cause of the elimination. Fernandinho also received death threats.

On the internet, Fernandinho was banned several times for ‘ape’. Some even threatened him with death. Fernandinho’s wife was also not spared. ‘That pimp of a man of yours has messed up everything’, for example, it sounded like Instagram.

It goes so far that the mother of Fernandinho has closed her Instagram account because it was bursting with insults. Many people react indignantly to racist expression. There are dozens of internet users who record it for the Brazilian footballer and his family.

“Say no to racist attacks,” wrote the Mundo Negro website, specialised in black culture, with a photo of Fernandinho. ‘The own goal and defeat in no way justify racism. We are behind you, Fernandinho, “the site added.

On Friday night, the well-known journalist Glenda Kozlowski (TV Globo) burst into tears when she talked about the grief of Fernandinho’s family. She once made a report about Fernandinho’s mother.

Fernandinho scored an own goal against Belgium in the 13th minute. The Red Devils took the lead and finally won 2-1. The 33-year-old player also ended up in a storm of criticism four years ago when he was the primary player during the humiliation that Germany smothered the Brazilians in their own country (7-1).

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