Fear of Second Corona Wave After New Infections in Wuhan

Fear of Second Corona Wave After New Infections in Wuhan

In China, fears of a second wave of infection by the coronavirus have increased after new infections have been identified in the city of Wuhan.


The South China Morning Post reports this on Monday.

Wuhan is considered the epicentre of the virus outbreak. Last weekend, people also became infected in Shulan, a city in the northeast of the country.

Six new cases of infection have been announced in Wuhan. That is the first time since April 8, when the lockdown of the metropolis was lifted. The new cases were already quarantined.

“At the moment, Wuhan is still under enormous pressure to control the pandemic,” local authorities said.

“We must always keep in mind that we are controlling both the imported cases and the local cases, thus keeping the Covid-19 resurgence at bay.”

The new infestations come at a time when China wants to slowly restart its economy.

It had shrunk so last in 1992. In many major Chinese cities, cinemas, bars and other venues are still locked. People are also obliged to wear a mask in public.

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