Facebook Stops Testing Bonfire Video Group Call App

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Facebook Stops testing Bonfire video group call App. Facebook has stopped using its video group call app, according to reports.


With the Bonfire app, Facebook seemed to want to compete with the apps Skype and Houseparty.

These apps also offer solutions for video calling with groups.

“In May we will stop supporting Bonfire,” states Facebook in a statement.

“We will include everything we have learned from the development of the app in current and future products.”

The Bonfire was released in 2017 as a test version in the Danish App Store.

The app never came to the Netherlands.

With Bonfire, up to eight people can enter a video call.

Effects such as stickers and masks could be used in communications.

Users could be added via Facebook and Messenger.

Facebook has already added video calling features with groups too;

 for example, Instagram and Messenger.

During developer conference F8,

 Facebook declared that it would soon be releasing a feature that enables users to watch videos together.

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