Facebook has Removed 1.3 Billion False Accounts

Facebook has Removed 1.3 Billion False Accounts

Facebook has Removed 1.3 Billion False Accounts. In recent months Facebook has removed almost 1.3 billion false profiles. Most of it was almost immediately deleted even before there was contact with other users. Facebook has 2.2 billion active members worldwide.


For the first time today, Facebook presented detailed figures on the measures it is taking to counter the spread of fake news, hate speech and fake accounts, writes the 99 News.

In the last quarter alone, 2.5 million hateful and 1.8 million terrorist contributions were removed. The lion’s share of these contributions was only cleared after other users reported about it.

Apps blocked
Facebook announced yesterday in a blog already blocked 200 apps because they may abuse user data.

The company started an investigation after the scandal around Cambridge Analytica. 200 of the thousands of apps surveyed are subject to a closer inspection. Those apps are now blocked until there is more clarity. With this, the company is rescinding the promise of CEO Mark Zuckerberg last month to investigate all apps on Facebook further.

Tip of the iceberg
Last month, a former employee said that Cambridge Analytica was just the tip of the iceberg. “I am almost certain that the number of Facebook users affected by similar practices is well over 87 million. Both Cambridge Analytica and other companies and campaigns were involved in those activities, “she told the court in England.

A total of 87 million people were victims of data abuse by the British company Cambridge Analytica. That tried to help Donald Trump become president during the 2016 elections. Among the 87 million are also 89,000 Dutch people. Mark Zuckerberg accounted to the judge in America last month. The European Parliament has also invited him.

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