Eurozone Consumer Confidence Slightly Down

Eurozone Consumer Confidence Slightly Down

Consumer economic confidence in the eurozone has declined slightly this month. The European Commission’s indicator points to this, now that the more contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus has caused significant increases in infection numbers.


The index that measures consumer confidence in the euro countries fell 1.1 points to a position of minus 4.4. However, that is still above the level measured before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, reports the European Commission.

Consumer confidence rose in June, partly thanks to the relaxation of corona rules in European countries. The European Commission bases the indicator on telephone surveys among thousands of inhabitants in the eurozone. These include the economic and financial situation and the prospects for saving money.

Earlier on Thursday, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced that consumer confidence in the Netherlands had fallen slightly, from minus 3 in June to minus 4 this month. However, opinions on the economy improved slightly, while households were less inclined to make purchases.

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