EU Renounces Option on Additional Janssen and AstraZeneca Vaccines

EU Renounces Option on Additional Janssen and AstraZeneca Vaccines

The European Union is abandoning the additional 300 million corona vaccines from Janssen and AstraZeneca to which it could claim.


The EU’s relationship with AstraZeneca has soured because the pharmaceutical company has been supplying far fewer vaccines than agreed for months. Besides, there are concerns about the safety of both vaccines, which work similarly. Both AstraZeneca’s and Janssen’s very occasionally seem to cause dangerous blood clotting problems.

The European Commission made it clear last week that it prefers vaccines with a different process, such as those from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna. She is negotiating a significant new order with the first manufacturer. With this, Brussels wants to give an extra fresh-up shot if necessary and combat new virus variants.

It cannot be ruled out that the EU will also call on Janssen and AstraZeneca for this, the initiate tells Reuters. But it is in any case “no need to exercise options” in current contracts.

The EU has ordered 200 million doses from Janssen, with an option for an additional number. It bought 300 million from AstraZeneca, with an option of 100 million.

The committee does not wish to confirm that it is renouncing the options. “We keep the options open,” said a spokesperson. According to him, a decision can be made at any time as long as the contract is in effect.

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