EU Parliament Postpones Climate Plans Over Arguments Between Proponents

EU Parliament Postpones Climate Plans Over Arguments Between Proponents

To save several crucial climate plans, the European Parliament has postponed the vote on them at the last minute. Due to disagreements between the proponents, the measures were in danger of failing.


Christian Democrats, Social Democrats and Greens accuse each other in great consternation of pushing through their will with the help of the extreme right and thereby putting everything on the line.

The parliament would vote in Strasbourg on, among other things, expanding the payment system for emission allowances and on an import tax for, for example, climate-unfriendly steel and cement. These are key components of the so-called Fit for 55 packages of the European Commission, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the EU by at least 55 percent by 2030.

But the difficult agreement between the Christian Democratic EPP, the Liberals, the Social Democrats and the Greens unravelled when the EPP, together with the right-wing of parliament, amended the emission allowance plan (ETS). Steel companies, among others, would therefore keep their free CO2 emission rights for longer and that was unacceptable for the left. They then voted against the entire ETS.

As a result, the support of the opportunity climate coalition was no longer assured in the other important votes, estimate the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats. They suspend it on that.

It is unclear how much delay the plans are now facing. One of the key players, PvdA MEP Mohammed Chahim, wants to urgently bring the proposals back to parliament. According to him, that is still possible this week, but others are more gloomy and are taking months of delay into account.

Negotiations with the EU countries can only begin once the parliament has taken a position. If they agree, the climate plans can be introduced.

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