EU Parliament Leader: Use Russian Funds for Refugees

EU Parliament Leader: Use Russian Funds for Refugees

The European Union should consider using the assets of the Russian central bank or oligarchs frozen because of its sanctions for Ukrainian refugees, says the Christian Democrat group leader in the European Parliament.


In this way, the Russian regime and the accomplices of President Vladimir Putin would be held “financially responsible” for the war in Ukraine, says Manfred Weber.

“More pressure is needed on Putin. His actions against the Ukrainian civilian population and the war crimes are completely unacceptable,” said the German. “For example, Western countries can use the frozen funds of the Russian National Bank or of oligarchs who live off Putin’s system.”

The EU has imposed punitive measures against dozens of Russian oil tycoons, industrialists and other billionaires with ties to Putin since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They can no longer access their European bank balances and are no longer allowed to enter the EU. Several Member States have also seized their homes and superyachts.

“The EU should also stop buying Russian oil and coal. Weber said that those energy sources can be replaced relatively quickly by supplies from other regions,” Weber said.

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