Emergency Aid for Czechs With Houses Damaged by Tornado

Emergency Aid for Czechs With Houses Damaged by Tornado

People in the Czech Republic whose homes were damaged by the devastating tornado that swept through the country on Thursday are eligible for €80,000 in emergency aid, the government says.


Victims can also apply for a cheap loan of approximately 120,000 euros. Businesses are also offered emergency aid.

The offer follows last week’s extreme natural disaster. An area about 500 meters wide and 26 kilometres long was badly affected by the tornado. Six people were killed, and about 200 people were injured. About 1,200 homes were also damaged. Thousands of homes are still without power.

The Czech government has already said it wants to allocate 16 million euros for the repair work. Aid organizations had collected 6 million euros in private donations on Saturday. Prime Minister Andrej Babis wants to call on the European Union Solidarity Fund. Member States can use this fund after, for example, forest fires and storms.

Military and emergency services are trying to clear up the havoc, for example, by removing ejected vehicles. Injuries were also reported during these cleanup operations. The Czech Ministry of Health has sent a medical team to the affected area to assist first responders.

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