Elon Musk: If Someone Can Do My Job Better, Let Me Know Especially

Elon Musk: If Someone Can Do My Job Better, Let Me Know Especially

Elon Musk: If Someone can do my Job better, let Me know Especially. The busy year at Tesla takes its toll. Topman Elon Musk states he has the most massive year ever, but he does not intend to leave his dual role as CEO and CEO at Tesla, he mentioned that in an interview.


In the past few months, the car manufacturer has had to significantly boost the production of its cars to meet production targets and satisfy shareholders.

At the end of July, the company reached the goal of five thousand vehicles per week.

“As far as Tesla is concerned, the worst is behind us. But on a personal level the worst still has to come,” says Musk.

Also reveals how he sometimes makes days of more than 24 hours, days do not come outside the Tesla factory and need to use sleeping pills to be able to sleep.

Musk, however, says he sees no reason to move away from his double role as CEO and CEO.

“If you acknowledge someone who can do this better, let me know, they can have the job, is there someone who can do it better? They can take over the controls directly from me.”

Looking for a Sheryl Sandberg
Insiders say that board members are mainly concerned with the use of sleeping pills.

For years the company would have been looking for a second top woman or man, to take the burden off Musk.

A few years ago, Tesla tried to get Sheryl Sandberg, the COO from Facebook, to Tesla. In vain.

According to Musk, there is currently no search for a number two going, but unknown sources say that it is on the way.

The remarkable tweets of Musk would also have contributed to this.

Musk does not regret his tweets
The Tesla founder has been in the news a few times in recent weeks with remarkable tweets.

He called a diver who has involved in the Thai rescue operation a paedophile last month.

He also surprised many by declaring that he wanted to take Tesla off the stock exchange, and then by saying that the financing was already finished.

But Musk is not going to stop Twitter. He also has no regrets, at least not from the tweets about his company (Musk has previously apologised to the diver).

The Tesla share dropped about 8 percent within one hour of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.

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