Eleven People Killed in Shootings at Shisha Bars in Germany: Deep Racist Conviction

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According to German law, the man who shot ten people and himself in Hanau had strong racist motives. Nine people were killed in two shisha bars, cafes where you can smoke a hookah.


The police then found the bodies of the perpetrator and his mother. All victims are believed to be of Turkish origin.

Last night around ten o’clock a man opened fire in a shisha bar in the centre of the German city of Hanau, east of Frankfurt in the state of Hesse. Moments later, shooting was also done at another shisha bar elsewhere in the city.

Nine people were killed and several seriously injured in the terrorist attacks. The perpetrator could always flee.

Early this morning, after a seven-hour beating hunt and tips from the public, the police then invaded the suspected perpetrator’s house. The man’s body was found there, alongside that of his 72-year-old mother.

So a total of eleven people died in the Hanau incidents. The perpetrator probably killed his mother and then committed suicide.

A firearm was also found in the house, which would have been used to shoot at the shisha bars. There are no indications of other perpetrators.

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