‘Disney Stops Ads On YouTube Due To Abuse By Paedophiles’

‘Disney Stops Ads On YouTube Due To Abuse By Paedophiles’

‘Disney Stops ads on YouTube due to Abuse by Paedophiles’. Disney would have stopped advertising on YouTube for the time being.


A network of paedophiles would abuse the video platform’s response system, according to the reports on Wednesday, based on anonymous insiders.

A vlogger recently discovered that YouTube users misuse the response system,

 to find children in inappropriate attitudes in innocent uploaded videos.

Also, members of the paedophile network point at each other on videos in which children can be seen,

 and they upload compilations of stuff that they have found in other videos.

Food companies Nestlé and Dr Oetker and Fortnite-maker Epic Games known for the time being not to buy YouTube ads.

On some videos that were abused, ads from Disney and Nestlé were shown.

Among the videos that vlogger Matt Wattson discovered,

 some 8,000 dollars of ads had been spent in the last sixty days, reported by a YouTube spokesperson.

“All content – including reactions – that endangers minors is terrifying,” said the spokesperson.

“We have clear guidelines that prohibit this on YouTube, and we promptly took action by removing accounts and channels,

 reporting illegal actions to the authorities, and disabling obnoxious responses.”

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