Disagreement Over Brexit: Minister Boris Johnson also Resigns

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Disagreement Over Brexit: Minister Boris Johnson also Resigns. Boris Johnson has resigned as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He does so after the disagreement in the cabinet about the Brexit strategy. It is a new setback for Prime Minister Theresa May.


The office of Prime Minister Theresa May has announced the resignation of Johnson. His departure follows the earlier departure of David Davis from the May cabinet. Davis was in charge of the Brexit file.

Johnson and May disagree how the Brexit should look like. Johnson is for a ‘hard’ Brexit, May for a ‘soft’. That battle is also being conducted within the conservative party. May on the one cards and Johnson and Davis on the other hand, who resigned earlier today.

The last wing wants to be completely separate from the European Union without agreements, while May opts for a softer variant.

On Friday, the Cabinet agreed to follow a softer Brexit strategy. May had a notice in the newspaper The Times after that agreement for her Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, with whom she regularly differs from the plan: “If he tries to undermine the British position, he will be fired.” is no longer necessary.

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