Crucial Tips to Take Care of Your Laguiole Knives

Crucial Tips to Take Care of Your Laguiole Knives

You have unboxed your Laguiole knife, and you are stunned with its beauty. But do you know that its beauty won’t last long if it doesn’t maintain regularly?

Well, not every knife owner knows how to maintain a Laguiole knife and enhance its life. So, here we have brought to you some crucial tips that will help in maintaining your knife’s life and keep it shining for long.

Always Wash By Hands:

Many people prefer using a dishwasher to clean their knife alongside kitchen utensils. It isn’t the right way of cleaning your knife.¬†Laguiole Knives¬†should never be washed with heavy detergent. Instead, you should always clean your knife by hand using mild detergent and water. Furthermore, post-cleaning; never use stiff cloth for it.

Instead, prefer using a soft microfiber cloth to absorb water and clean its surface. Remember, extreme hard detergents are harmful to high-carbon stainless steel that can remove its protective layer and make it accessible to rust.

Use Predefined Sharpening Tool:

If your knife has lost its sharpness, you must either use a diamond rod knife sharpener, whetstone, or ceramic stone. But you must know that serrated knives never require any sharpening.

The right way of sharpening your knife is holding it opposite to sharpener at an angle of 15 degrees. Never forget to follow safety instructions as such activity is prone to injury while sharpening.

Use Olive Oil for Shine:

With time, the knife’s shine gets off, making it dull and unattractive. Mostly, its handle gets affected the most. Hence, you always look for buying a new Laguiole knife or a better option to bring its shine back. Yes, there is a way to add shine to your knife.

Olive oil is effective in bringing the glow back to your Laguiole knife. However, while applying olive oil to knife’s handle, remember to use a soft microfiber cloth that can easily remove residue and doesn’t add any scratch to its grip.

Store Carefully:

Laguiole knives are sharp and are dangerous for children as well as inexperienced users. So, the knife must always be stored carefully. Ensure the knife is not in range of your children.

Also, skip storing your knife in the open or any moisture area as it may attract rust and damage your Laguiole knife. Many custom-designed knife storage boxes are available to shield your Laguiole knife from moisture and other environmental attacks.

Above all, as a Laguiole lover, you should always attend the knife whenever possible to ensure it is in good condition and isn’t affected by moisture, rust, or other environmental problems. Once affected, it may directly harm your Laguiole knife’s overall beauty, which no one ever wants.

So, alongside investing a significant sum on the Laguiole knife, you must also pay equal attention to its maintenance. You can even look for a maintenance manual that can better help you with the Dos and Don’t’s while using a Laguiole knife.

What other tactics do you prefer to maintain your knife for long?

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