Creped Hair and Tattoo Necklace: Princess Sofia Posing with Scooter

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Crimped Hair and Tattoo Necklace: Princess Sofia Posing with Scooter. This picture is a real sensation! Princess Sofia of Sweden posing with “Scooter” – in dungarees and with straightened hair at a music festival in Stockholm!


Well, you really would not have expected this man next to her. Princess Sofia of Sweden (33) has been with Prince Carl Philips (39) for eight years.

Since the wedding in June 2015, she has been exemplary in her princess role inserted. Her two sons Prince Alexander (2) and Prince Gabriel (10 months) made her luck perfect.

But now and then a real princess breaks out a little bit from the court protocol. The former bikini model now posed with a real veteran of German electro-pop history – “Scooter” frontman H. P. Baxxter (54) (“Hyper, Hyper”)! He is a star who still inspires the masses, and not just since the 90s.

And even more amazing: You can hardly recognise Sofia with the Crepe iron-styling and completely casually dressed! At the music festival “We love the 90s” in Stockholm, she provides a real surprise – we’ll show you a sensational snapshot at the top of the video and what’s behind it!

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