Copilot Partially Sucked Out of Gear in China

Copilot Partially Sucked Out of Gear in China

A co-pilot was partly sucked out of a Chinese aeroplane after a window in the cockpit had been killed during the flight. That said the officer to News Tribune, who could safely land the Airbus A319 with 119 passengers on Monday.


Pilot Liu Chuanjian told the Chengdu Economic Daily that the cockpit window suddenly broke. “There was no warning. A crack suddenly appeared in the window, and a loud bang sounded ”, the captain said. “Before I knew it, my co-pilot had been sucked half out of the window.”

The co-pilot, who wore a safety belt, survived the incident. He could be drawn back in again. The aircraft later made an emergency landing in Chengdu, although it did have the necessary feet in the earth. Chuanjian said that the device vibrated so hard that he could not read the meters. The pressure in the cockpit also dropped.

The Chinese civil aviation authority is investigating whether a design or production error destroyed the window. None of the passengers was injured.

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