Citrix Launches Competitor for Windows 365

Citrix Launches Competitor for Windows 365

Citrix has announced its own Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). The company works together with Google Cloud for this.


With the partnership, Citrix hopes to capitalize on the trend towards more homeworking and hybrid working that has been going on for two years now. Citrix is best known for its enterprise software. The Desktop-as-a-Service should allow large companies to seamlessly stream their virtualized applications and management software to the various computers of employees.

The DaaS will run on Google Cloud, where the tech giant must ensure a secure and stable environment. Both companies also have plans to jointly build a platform that should make managing users’ desktops easier, regardless of where they run.

As a hybrid office software, Citrix more or less competes with Windows 365, albeit with its own Citrix look. The announcements also include a proprietary Citrix Workspace Browser built on Google’s open-source Chromium browser. All virtualized apps and SaaS services that you run via the browser will immediately follow the necessary security protocols, such as, for example, not allowing screenshots.

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