Chinese Military Don’t Want Teslas on Their Bases

Chinese Military Don’t Want Teslas on Their Bases

The Chinese Armed Forces don’t want Teslas on their bases. These cars must also stay away from complexes where Chinese soldiers live.


The Military has spread a message internally stating that anyone who goes to Chinese soldiers or military complexes with a Tesla will park that car far outside the destination.

Teslas have cameras and modern technology (parking assistance) that are difficult for the Military to control. Some cameras monitor the interior of the car and even monitor the driving behaviour of the driver.

But Tesla could possibly also gather information without the Chinese high command noticing. And the Military must guarantee the security and confidentiality of its equipment and personnel and therefore no longer wants ultrasonic cameras from parked Teslas around it.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense and the automaker building Teslas in Shanghai have not yet responded to the report.

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