China’s Big Decision, Won’t be Able to Use Mobile Without Scanning The Face

China’s Big Decision, Won’t be Able to Use Mobile Without Scanning The Face

Since Sunday, Chinese telecom operators have to scan the faces of new consumers who register a SIM card. According to the authorities, the measure is meant to fight scams.


In accordance with a note from the Ministry of Business and Information, telecom operators must use “artificial intelligence” to ensure that the identity that new clients complete on is appropriate. They have to also ensure that clients usually do not resell SIM cards after.

However, it did not disclose which organizations will offer you the technology for encounter scans. Moreover, it is uncertain whether many hundreds of millions of Chinese who have a SIM credit card will also have to check their faces.

It is actually officially said that the measure was introduced within the combat scams. The ministry also mentions the fight against terrorism as being an essential reason.

However, the newest determine, initially announced in Sept, will allow millions of people to become supervised a lot more closely from the Chinese government’s encounter recognition systems. That modern technology is already wide-spread in Asia.

For instance, the Chinese authorities is definitely using facial recognition to keep an eye on residents at any time throughout the day. Grocery stores and hotels also provide customers the option of paying or checking in by getting their facial looks scanned.

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