China: Fences in Shanghai to Keep People in and Hoarding in Beijing for Fear of Lockdown

China: Fences in Shanghai to Keep People in and Hoarding in Beijing for Fear of Lockdown

In the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai, green fences have been put up at various places around the entrances of apartment buildings. This is because the authorities try to keep the people inside to avoid further infections.


In the capital Beijing, the unrest is growing now that the infections are also rising there. Millions of people are hoarding for fear of a repeat of the Shanghai scenario.

In Shanghai, the economic capital of China, residents were in for a nasty surprise when they discovered green fences had sprung up around the entrance to their apartment building. The fences are placed at buildings where at least 1 person is infected with COVID-19. In this way, the authorities try to prevent the further spread of the virus. Unfortunately, residents were not informed of the measure, and the fences were erected without warning.

The city has been under a hard lockdown for weeks, which has led to a lot of dissatisfaction. For example, there was criticism of the food and medicine shortage and the fact that children were separated from their parents in the event of positive infections. The appalling conditions in the field hospitals also led to much dissatisfaction. However, criticism of the government is rare in China, and the discontent that appears on social media is usually immediately removed.

In the capital Beijing, infections are also rising again. In the past 24 hours, 29 new infections were added out of 21 million people. But China continues to adopt a zero-covid strategy here too. All 3.5 million residents of the hardest-hit central district of Chaoyang must undergo 3 mandatory Covid tests in the next few days.

“The government fears that there may be many more infections under the radar,” says Leen Vervaeke, VRT correspondent who is currently in Beijing. “They now want to remove it before the outbreak gets out of hand so that a hard lockdown should also be introduced here.”

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