China and Russia Strengthen Cooperation in Afghanistan

China and Russia Strengthen Cooperation in Afghanistan

The leaders of China and Russia have spoken over the phone about the situation in Afghanistan. Among other things, it was about the cooperation between the two countries and how to strengthen it.


Besides Russia, China also wants to strengthen communication with other countries when it comes to Afghanistan. Speaking with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, President Xi Jinping called for an “open and inclusive” political structure by all parties in Afghanistan. He also wants them to distance themselves from terrorist organizations.

Xi also reiterated that China does not want to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and respects the country’s independence and sovereignty, according to China’s People Daily newspaper.

Putin is said to have shared China’s views and interests in Afghanistan and that he is willing to work with China to “prevent foreign troops from interfering in Afghanistan”. But, according to the Kremlin, he also wants to take action with China against threats of terrorism and drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

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