CES Technology Fair Opens Doors in Las Vegas

CES Technology Fair Opens Doors in Las Vegas

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens today in Las Vegas. Many companies will show their novelties during the technology fair. Still, due to the coronavirus, several big names have refrained from physical presence or limited it to the strict minimum.


Companies that wholly or partially withdrew from CES 2022 include Google, Microsoft, General Motors, Intel, Amazon, Meta (ex-Facebook), Lenovo, Twitter and Amazon. The organization does not specify exactly how many cancellations there are but ensures that all necessary measures are taken to receive the expected tens of thousands of visitors safely.

Therefore, the number of visitors to this edition would be considerably lower than the 170,000 people who visited the fair in January 2020. Furthermore, at 2,200, the number of exhibitors is about half lower than the 4,500 exhibitors during the last physical edition of the fair, two years ago.

The salon will also be shortened by one day this edition. Face masks and vaccination certificates are required to visit the fair.

The CES 2022 should have provided a nice return to the physical salon after a fully virtual edition in 2021. Still, the omikron variant of the coronavirus threw a spanner in the works. As a number of companies cancelled or reduced their physical presence in Las Vegas, the virtual part of the event will become more important than planned.

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