Canadian Journalist: Justin Trudeau Groped Me and Apologized

Canadian Journalist: Justin Trudeau Groped Me and Apologized

Canadian Journalist: Justin Trudeau Groped Me and Apologized. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologised to a former journalist after an ‘inappropriate contact’. Trudeau would have groped her nearly twenty years ago, during a music festival in British Columbia, says Rose Knight.


Knight confirmed yesterday that she is the reporter who was mentioned eighteen years ago in an editorial in the Creston Valley Advance. According to the Express Paper, Trudeau was seizing the journalist during her work at the music festival.

The newspaper article also describes the tenor of Trudeau’s apologies: “If I had known that you were reporting for a national newspaper, I would never have been so cheeky.” The past few weeks the incident reappeared in the press, but the former reporter does not seem to be raising the matter.

I liked my career as a journalist, but it has already passed ”, Knight explained. “I have always avoided discussing the privacy of myself and my family.” “The woman admits that the incident mentioned in the main article did indeed happen and that Trudeau apologised for it the next day.

“Apart from this statement, I will not provide further details or information,” Knight continued. “Should a debate arise, it will have to happen without my involvement.” After the event, which took place during the Kokanee Summit Festival in August 2000, the journalist would not have had contact with Trudeau either.

Trudeau visited the festival to receive a donation for the Kokanee Glacier Alpine Campaign. The collection was held after the youngest brother of Trudeau died in 1998 in a devastating avalanche in the eponymous park. The proceeds benefited the rebuilding of a visitor and information centre.

Yesterday, Trudeau said he respected Knight’s decision to make a statement. The meeting with Knight reminds the Canadian. , I’m sure I did not misbehave, but I think the essence of the matter is that people can remember a meeting in a different way, ” said the prime minister.

“Part of the lesson we need to determine in this time of collective awakening is to show respect and understanding for the fact that people, in many cases women, experience interactions in a professional context or a different situation than men. ”

The Premier took part today in an event with MEP Kent Hehr, who lost his cabinet seat after an investigation of inappropriate behaviour towards women was brought to him. According to Trudeau, the allegations against him and Kent are distinctly different, but every accusation must be taken seriously and investigated.

Rachel Notley, Prime Minister of the state of Alberta, says in response to the reports about Trudeau that it is essential that women are taken seriously when they speak of such an incident. Notley recognises that every situation is different, but that as soon as it comes to a case, ‘we must ensure that there is the honest investigation, where everyone is heard’.

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