Canadian Capital Braces for Corona Protest Truckers

Canadian Capital Braces for Corona Protest Truckers

Police in the Canadian capital Ottawa has warned of traffic chaos in the coming days due to the arrival of truckers who oppose the corona measures. In particular, the vaccination obligation is a thorn in the side of the thousands of demonstrating truck drivers.


They call their action Freedom Convoy. However, Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Trudeau has dismissed the protesters as “a marginal minority spreading unacceptable opinions”.

The truckers have been on the road for days, moving across the vast country via routes that run west, east and north to Ottawa. The Freedom Convoy launched last Sunday in Vancouver and Prince George, more than 2,500 miles west of Ottawa. They get a lot of support along the route, and people ride along for a bit.

It is still unknown how many lorries actually drive into the capital. However, according to local media, protesting truck drivers from the south nearly reached Kingston on Thursday, 140 kilometres from the capital.

According to the schedule, the destination of the trucks is the parliament building on Saturday morning. However, police fear that the first truckers will cause a lot of traffic jams around Ottawa on Thursday and Friday. As a result, people are being urged to avoid the truckers’ route, and barriers are being erected to steer the procession in the right direction.

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