Call for British Prime Minister to Resign for Garden Party During Lockdown

Call for British Prime Minister to Resign for Garden Party During Lockdown

Members of the British opposition want Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after new reports that the government held a party while the country was in lockdown. In addition, an invitation to a garden party in May 2020 was leaked to British media on Monday evening.


The party is said to have taken place in the garden of the government office and official residence at 10 Downing Street.

More than a hundred officials would have been invited. In the end, about 40 people showed up, according to British media, including Johnson and his wife. At the time of the celebration, the United Kingdom was in a strict lockdown. Schools and catering were closed. A maximum of two people from different households were allowed to gather outside, provided they kept enough distance.

Labor party members think the British people no longer trust Johnson. The party’s vice-chair, Angela Rayner, thinks Britons are done with Johnson’s “lies, deceit and breaking his own rules”.

Labor leader Keir Starmer already questioned Johnson’s leadership last month. He did this after reports that the British government would have held a Christmas party in December 2020. At that celebration, strict measures were also applied in the UK.

Johnson’s spokesman declined to comment on reports about the garden party on Tuesday. He first wants to wait for an internal investigation into at least five previous corona parties in official and government circles. According to the spokesperson, if this shows that rules have been broken, the people involved must be punished. London police say they are in contact with the government about the allegations.

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