Cabinet Makes No Apologies For Slavery Despite All Aboutaleb

Cabinet Makes No Apologies For Slavery Despite All Aboutaleb

Cabinet Makes no Apologies for Slavery Despite Call Aboutaleb. The government does not make official apologies for the history of slavery. The words of deep regret and repentance that the previous cabinet expressed remain valid, reports Dawn News.


The government does not take over the call from the Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.

The mayor called the cabinet on Saturday in the annual memorial service to the Rotterdam slavery memorial to go one step further and offer apologies.

Aboutaleb asked for this gesture “for the suffering caused by tens of thousands. Mentioned its time to put a stop behind dark pages from history.

“What happened then Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher stated in 2013 fitted in with the spirit of the times, says Aboutaleb. ” It is now time for a next step. ”

But for the time being, the cabinet keeps to the words of Asscher at the time. They are just a bit less heavy than formal excuses.

The Cabinet says that it is “just like previous cabinets, profoundly regretting the events at the time of the history of slavery. It is a black page from our history ”.

But that does not only apply to the Netherlands, the government also notes. ” Many countries in different parts of the world, grievously, have a past with slavery. ”

At the commemoration in 2013, Asscher named slavery on behalf of the then Cabinet also a ” degrading practice ” and a ” shame in our history ”.

In 2001, then Minister of Integration Affairs Roger van Boxtel had already expressed ‘deep regret’ for slavery, at an anti-racism conference of the United Nations in South Africa.

He then stated that in the past gross mistakes were made that led to great injustice.

The Netherlands abolished slavery in 1863 in Suriname and the Antilles. That is commemorated on Sunday, 155 years later. That commemoration is in Amsterdam. Minister Kajsa Ollongren from Home Affairs gives a speech.

Offspring of slaves from that time have been calling for official apologies for a long time. The call for compensation also sounds now and then.

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