Bulgaria Tries to Increase Vaccination Rate with Injection Bonus

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In Bulgaria, people over 65 will receive a bonus of 75 leva (more than 38 euros) from January if they are vaccinated against corona. The Bulgarian government is trying to boost the number of vaccinated people in the country with the measure. Bulgarian media reported on Friday.


So far, only 27 percent of all Bulgarians have had two injections, more than 3 percent have been given a booster injection.

No other EU country has such a low vaccination coverage. “There is a risk that Bulgaria will become a Covid ghetto,” warned the well-known Bulgarian virologist Radka Argirova. Many residents of the Eastern European country are not vaccinated because they are influenced by conspiracy theories or have prejudices against a corona jab.

Several countries have started handing out presents to entice residents to take a shot. Many states, municipalities, and companies in the US try to poke people for this through lotteries to win big prizes like cruises. In Romania, newly vaccinated people can participate in a lottery and receive food stamps.

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