British Prince Philip Has An Infection and Has to Stay in Hospital for Several Days

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The British Prince Philip has to stay in the hospital a little longer. Buckingham Palace has announced this. The 99-year-old Prince and husband of Queen Elizabeth II have an infection.


The Prince was taken to the hospital as a precaution last Tuesday because he was not feeling well. More information was initially not provided, but now the royal palace has announced that the 99-year-old Prince has an infection, which is unknown.

Philip will, therefore, have to stay in the hospital for several more days. The Prince is calm and responds to the treatment, according to a short press release.

According to Prince Edward, one of his sons, Philip, is “much better”. “He’s looking forward to leaving the hospital again, which is very positive, so we’re keeping fingers crossed,” he told Sky News.

Prince Philip will turn 100 in June. Both he and Queen Elizabeth (94) were vaccinated against COVID-19 in January. The royal couple has been in lockdown at Windsor Castle for months.

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